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Welcome to North Branch Instruments

North Branch Instruments, LLC opened their doors in November of 2006.

Michael Ricciarelli is the repair technician who in 2008 completed an apprenticeship with Pete Langdell of "Rigel Instruments" here in Vermont and has attended several tutorials with Harry Becker of "Becker & Cumpiano" of Northampton, MA. Michael, as well as repairing instruments, has been a performing artist and multi-instrumentalist for over 30 years. Michael plays instruments such as Bass, Mandolin, Guitar, Fiddle and Octave Mandolin as well as Tenor and 5 String Banjo.

You can see more about him at the Steel Rail Bluegrass web site

North Branch Instruments, LLC offers fretted instrument repair, as well as buying and selling used instruments.

All of the used instruments that we sell have gone through a series of checks to assure that each instrument has been cleaned, set up properly, and new strings installed if necessary.

One of our primary focus is directed toward the beginning player. We are quite aware that an instrument that is set up properly will not only be more comfortable to play but will inspire the beginning student to play more often when not having to fight with an improperly set up instrument. We are hoping to be working soon with teachers, both private and from local area schools in the up coming season.

North Branch Instruments, LLC also offers beginner lessons on Bass, Mandolin, Guitar and Fiddle. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

We also would like to offer a section of web site links, so that you may find repair sites for other instruments, teachers in the local area, and other performing bands and solo artists. So please make sure to visit there before you leave our site.

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